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 Have you sat down with a group sometime and thrown around ideas about taking a group sometime somewhere, but had difficulty planning it????


STOP look and listen!!!


We will do the planning for you and your friends. Give us the basic outline and we will do the rest.


We can help with sightseeing, nature walks, golf tours (we have over 300 to choose from) and any other places we can advise





NZ Tours

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and would like some help then go to our Free no Obligation quote page and we will help you design a tour and give you the costs as well

Click Here for our free quotation page and give us your details or contact us directly to info@wbuses.co.nz and we will make your holiday in New Zealand memorable



Tips for Touring

When organising a group tour it is important to make sure the little things get done and then the big things are made smaller and everyone has a good time.


Tours of Interest 2017-2018.

Watch this space tour news to come!



Click here for a free no obligation quote


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